What The SUP?! | Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard | 10/11ft

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What the SUP?!

Stand out on the water with the What The SUP?! limited edition inflatable paddleboard in a vibrant 90s-inspired design! Crafted for both style and performance, this one-of-a-kind iSUP, designed by Nick Hearne, promises enhanced stability and manoeuvrability for paddlers of all skill levels. With its eye-catching design and feature-packed build, this inflatable paddleboard is the ultimate choice for making a statement on the water without compromising on top-notch performance.

Included in the box

Premium Padded Backpack

Designed for the easy transportation and storage of your SUP and accessories

Aluminium / Nylon Paddle

Paddle with a tough, high-quality, colour-matching nylon blade, adjustable to suit your height

Coiled Safety Ankle Leash

360° pivot swivel, anti-tangle, bungee coiled leash comes with a padded ankle strap for extra comfort

Quick-Lock Detachable Fin

Secured using Wave’s Quick Lock Technology, the quick-release fin can be removed in seconds

Dual-Action High-Pressure Pump

The high-pressure PSI gauge and valve enable quick inflation/deflation with both up and down movements


Capture awesome adventures


Grooved foam design for maintaining stability and comfort


Get in and out of the water with ease with a padded carry handle


Integrated bungee net for dry bag storage


We have all your mounting and customisation needs covered

Ultra Portable

Inflate and deflate in under 5 minutes

Limited Edition

fun 90s design to make a bold statement

WCL Technology

built to withstand the wild adventures

Our Limited Edition Board

Stand out with our 90's retro design

Vital Stats

What the SUP?! represents a perfect combination of style and performance


10ft | 305x81x15cm (120x32x6")
11ft | 335x84x15cm (132x33x6")

Skill Level

Paddlers of all skill levels

Kayak Morph


Board Weight/Bag Weight

10ft | Board 7kg (15lbs) & Loaded Bag 9.5kg (21lbs)
11ft | Board 8.5kg (19lbs) & Loaded Bag 11kg (24lbs)

Max Weight

130kg (285lbs)

Pump Guidance

Dual- and single-action high-pressure feature
Use dual action first and switch to single action when the board is hard

Recommeded PSI

12 PSI


Quick-release fin can be removed in seconds, comes with a neat slot in system


Fully loaded, everything you need to get on the water

Key Features

High-Pressure Construction

Inflate up to 15 PSI for board rigidity and stability

Diamond Grooved EVA Non-Slip Foot Pad

Grooved foam design for maintaining grip, comfort, and stability

Wave Military Grade PVC Material

For long hard-wearing protection of your Wave SUP in all weather environments

UV-Stabilised Resistant Coating

For long hard-wearing protection of your Wave SUP in all weather environments

Super-Reinforced Drop-Stitch Core

High-fibre drop-stitch material is designed to reduce board flexibility

Top-notch performance and style

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Skill Level



Paddling pros

Smaller riders/surfers


10'3ft | 312x81x15cm | 10'3x32x6"
11'3ft |343x81x15cm | 11'3x32x6"

10ft | 305x76x15cm | 120x30x6"
11ft | 335x81x15cm | 132x32x6"

10ft | 305x79x15cm | 120x30x16"
11ft | 335x84x15cm | 132x33x6"

8.6ft | 260x75x10cm | 102x29.5x4"

Rider Style

Stable touring

On-trend paddlers, woody vibes

Adventurous contemporary paddlers

Wave catchers

Kayak Morph



Yes (included)


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