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Designed by Pros, Tested in the North

Welcome to Wave, where our passion for watersports meets quality craftsmanship! Based in the coastal Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North East of England, we're deeply rooted in a city known for its tough spirit and love for adventure.
The cold and untamed North Sea is the ultimate testing ground for our products: if they work there, they work anywhere.
We offer a diverse range of iSUPs and kayaks, catering to all – from kids exploring their first paddleboard to seasoned surf pros. What sets us apart? It's all about quality: we're dedicated to ensuring your water experience is nothing short of fantastic. Come join us as we blend fun, adventure, and uncompromising quality to redefine your watersport adventures!

Born in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Accessibility at the Heart

We're committed to making watersports accessible to everyone. Our range of iSUPs and kayaks caters to various skill levels, ensuring there's a perfect fit for beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike. But we don't stop there: we anticipate your needs for premium comfort and the little details that enhance your experience. That's why our offerings include kayak conversion kits, convenient Go-Pro mounts, reliable dry bag storage, and more. Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and make watersport adventures enjoyable for everyone, putting accessibility at the heart of everything we do for a truly memorable experience.

Tested in the North Sea

Innovative Design

From military-grade ply to Wave's Composite Laminate technology, we ensure our paddleboards are rigid yet remarkably light

Next-Gen Packages

At Wave, our SUPS and kayaks come equipped with everything you might need for a smooth water adventure


We tailor our iSUPs and kayaks to various levels and activities, with our ranges boasting vibrant colours, from Aqua to Orange

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