Replacment Tourer SUP Fin

  • This paddleboard SUP fin is made of nylon plastic, with matte surface treatment, which can be stably fixed on the surfboard. And the material has good wear resistance and impact resistance, and good water breaking.
  • The curved design effectively improves the flexibility of the paddleboard and improves its turning performance, which can help you paddle safely.
  • The detachable Wave sup fin has an insert snap-in safety reinforcement buckle to prevent the SUP fin detaching when in use. However, the detachable nature enables you to store the elements of the SUP separately to prevent damage when not inflated.
  • Our SUP fins are used to increase the stability and balance of the board, effectively reducing the impact of the reef when paddling.
  • Our replacement fins are compatible with all the boards in our range and come solely in BLACK
  • Dimensions - Fin: 30cm/12 inches (outside), 22.9 cm/9 inches (inside)
    Fin base: Length - 19.5cm/7.5 inches, Width: 4.5cm/1.75 inches

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