FAQ Solution

What PSI should I inflate the iSUP to? 

Although our Classic, Cruiser, Tourer and Woody paddle boards can be inflated to 15 PSI maximum, we advise inflating the iSUP to 12 PSI to allow some room for air expansion. Pro paddle boards can be inflated to 20 PSI, we advise inflating the iSUP to 15PSI.
How do I use the hand pump to inflate my iSUP?

Start with dual action, as soon as you feel the pressure building and you are having to use your part of your body weight to press down the handle, switch over to single action by simple removing the plug on the pump.

The pressure gauge needle will only start moving once it reaches 5-8PSI so keep pumping. 

How long is the warranty on my SUP? 

We offer a 12 month warranty on the paddle boards. 

How long does it take to inflate? 

All of our paddle boards come with an inflation pump, on average the first time you pump the board it will take longer so you are looking at around 15-20 minutes. 

 Why is my pressure gauge not moving? 

The pressure gauge is triggered once your board hits 8 PSI. 

Why can't I insert my fin? 

Some of our paddle board fin slots come with a rod that is placed to protect the fin slot from bending during transit. You can easily pull this out and you will be able to slot your fin in after. 
My board has creases on them, what can I do?  The creases could be created from the folds when the iSUP was packaged, simply inflate it to the correct PSI and the creases will disappear. 
Which iSUP would be best for me?  Our iSUP collections here at Wave are split into 4 key categories, covering beginner boards, family friendly all-rounders, intermediate skill level boards and our Pro range of professional performance paddle boards. Use our Board Comparison tool to find the perfect board just for you. 
What is kayak conversion?  Kayak conversion is being able to convert your iSUP to a kayak by attaching a seat on the board. 
Can I take my iSUP on a flight? 
Yes! The paddle board can be packed in the backpack/carry case provided in the kit for travel. Please check flight carry on luggage dimensions to see if the bag qualifies as a carry on.
My iSUP air valve is leaking, what should I do?

When deflating the SUP, the air is released through the valve meaning the pressure and drop-stitching holding it in place lessens ever so slightly; this can cause the valve to become loose over time. All our paddle boards come with a repair kit that includes a wrench that you can use to tighten the air valve. 

Can I take my dog on my iSUP? 
Yes, most of our boards can take weight up to 130kg/285 lbs. 
What is the best way to pack my board? 
Make sure that you've cleaned excess sand from the board. Dry off the board properly before placing it in the bag to avoid mould from building.
Do I need to wax my board? No, unlike surfboards iSUPS have EVA non-slip deck that provides grip, comfort and stability. 
Where can I store my board? 
The board needs to be stored in a dry shaded area, avoid keeping the board in direct sunlight as it will affect the integrity of the board. 
Does my iSUP package come with a leash? 
Yes, all our boards come with an ankle leash.